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Set Meals

Set Meal for 2

Starter: Chicken Tikka | Onion Ehajee
Main Course: Chicken Bhuna | Lamb Balti
Sundries & Side Dish: Bombay Alba | 2 Pilau Rice | Nan | 2 Coffees

Set Meal for 1

Starter: Sheek Kebab
Main Course: Chicken Tikka Massala
Sundries: Pilau Rice | Nan | Coffee

Set Meal for 4

Starter: Chicken Pakora | Onion Bhajee | Meat Samosa
Main Course: Chicken Jalfrezi | Chicken Tikka Massala | Lamb Balti | Prawn Bhuna
Sundries & Side Dishes: 4 Pilau Rice | 2 Nan | I Bombay Alioo | Vegetable Bhaji | 4 Coffees